Gonesh #8 Spring Mist

– Second top seller in the Gonesh line – very clean


… charcoal based incense sticks …

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Gonesh #8 Spring Mist Incense

Work and meditate, meditate and work is a key ingredient in every aspect of life here at Nahziryah Monastic Community under the guidance and direction of our Spiritual Teacher  – Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Every item is offered in service – carrying a peaceful resonance,  much love and deep respect. Gonesh #8 Spring Mist Incense can be purchased from various sources true,  or… as has been felt by many familiar with the items  offered by NMC, one can buy Gonesh #8 Spring Mist Incensee from The Purple People!  (a name many have come to call us over many years because they see purple in our presence – from bottom to top)

Highly fragrant, charcoal based incense. Long time favorite for many.

20 incense sticks, flat pack

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