Tibetan Rope Incense ~ cedar, frankincense, sandalwood, spikenard


CEDAR – soothing; aid in relieving nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, stress, enhances concentration
FRANKINCENSE – excellent for meditation, protection, consecration
SANDALWOOD – calms mind and emotions, meditative, relaxing, relieves depression and stress
SPIKENARD – an anointing oil used in ancient times; calming, assists in reducing stress, tension, and insomnia; anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, laxative; also aids in relieving migraines and nervous indigestion

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New Arrivals from Nepal!

Tibetan incenses made by exiled Tibetan monks in Nepal

5 inch string ropes, 50  per bundle, each rope burns for about 15 minutes

Offering this line of ancient incense blends acquired directly from Tibetan monasteries in Nepal. Hand rolled from carefully harvested Himalayan herbs, oils, resins, and spices. 


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