Sadhana: The Path to Enlightenment VHS by movie producer/director Jean-Pierre Piche


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Sadhana, the Enchanted Journey Back to the Source, a new Canadian documentary by Jean-Pierre Piché and Marcel Poulin recounts a singular and subjective search for freedom and self-knowledge. “Sadhana” means “the path to enlightenment” through yoga of the mind and body, but this is not a ‘how-to’ film, nor does it attempt to convert the onlooker; it documents Marcel’s conversations with his various spiritual leaders and uses narration to reveal Marcel’s own thoughts during his off-times stormy odyssey.others will strive to find it (meaning to life) in ancient Eastern belief systems more closely aligned with nature. Sadhana teaches us to understand the world by understanding the self, for while the world may be in turmoil, our minds and spirits need not be.”

length 80 min. VHS tape


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