Incense holder with EMF Protection


Just light a stick of incense in the center of this orgone energy charging plate and feel an expansive shift in energy. The geometric shape of this device forms six powerful healing vortexes as it purifies the atmosphere. The interplay of the dark and light color patterns within this hexagonal incense holder makes for a potent meditative template. No two holders are exactly alike. Each black and white color template is unique – aligning with a zero point balance of calmness, steadiness and clarity – integrating and embracing the nature of light and shadow.


Handcrafted here at the Monastery

no two alike

Consists of solid copper shavings, pure crystal granules and quality resin. A powerful orgone energy matrix. Excellent for EMF protection.

Additional information

Tibetan Blends

Kailash, Mila, Paljor, Kalachakra


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