Amber Resin


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Amber Resin

“Can you see me smiling??
I just received this order from you today and I have been elated. I had been buying amber from an incense dealer for several years but he recently went out of business. (with a large amount of my money). I loved the scent and texture of the product and was greatly disheartened at the loss. Even attempting to beg for their source if they were truly no longer in business. But to no avail. Searching and searching, I have ordered amber through 14 different dealers online and several locally and in my travels. But now you have put the smile back on my face and that sweet glorious scent back to my nostrils!! thank you thank you thank you. You can be most assured that if the product remains the same, you will have a customer for life.” J W. Kansas


Amber resin, crystallizing over 20 to 60 million years ago, culminated as fossilized golden resin of pine trees. This gift of Mother Nature is a treasure of golden electrified light.  Amber resin ranges in color vibration from a light honey brown to a deep rich molasses brown.


$5.00 (5 grams)
rich amber (oily, soft, sweet) 
majestic honey ambe(firm, sweet, beige)

$7.00 (5 grams)
celestial amber (spicy, herbal, semi-firm)

premium amber (sweeter, dark gold, the softest)

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Amber Resins

$5.00 (5 grams) rich amber (oily, soft, sweet), $5.00 (5 grams) majestic honey amber (firm, sweet, beige), $7.00 (5 grams) premium amber (sweeter, the softest), $7.00 (5 grams) celestial amber (spicy, herbal, semi-firm)


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